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Moon Melon Brooch

Sale price$17.00

Did you wonder why it is called Moon Melon instead of Watermelon? This special brooch was inspired a hoax that circulated around a couple of years back. It was told that moon melon which originated from Japan was able to change the taste of whatever food that you ate next eg. Sour food like lemons would taste sweet. Moon Melon has been rated as the most popular fruit that actually does not exist!

We thought that it would be fun to create a brooch based on this story instead of a normal watermelon! However, instead of making the brooches blue as per the photo circulated, we decided to go with a more purplish tone!

Moon Melon brooch is part of our fruit inspired series. Apart from embellishing your outfit, this surely makes a good conversation starter.

Weight : 6.8 grm, Dimension : 4.5cm x 4.5cm diameter

Note : Please handle the brooches with care because they are fragile.