Tulpa Red Flower Brooch


A modern classic brooch inspired by nature. It will perk up your plain tops! It comes with a choice of magnetic clasps and pin. Please make your selection before adding to cart.

The height of the brooch is 6.5 cm and width is 3.5 cm and weight 16 grams

Note : If you are wearing a heart pacer or having an implant with anything metallic in nature, please consult your doctor before wearing it. The magnetic clasps are most suitable to be used with clothings that are not too thick. Please handle the brooches with care because they are fragile. 

Bloom Collection

2020 has been a unique yet challenging year for many in different ways. No one expected we would start a new decade this way and no one expected this pandemic would last throughout the whole year. Hence, we decided to make bloom the last theme to cap this year's collections. Like how Lady Johnson beautifully said, "Where flowers bloom, so does hope." We yearn that no matter how difficult this year has been to you, you will not lose hope. Just like flower, when winter ends and spring begins, she pulls herself together, regains her strength and blooms gracefully 🌸

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